Conflicting reports of UFO over Japan

Shoutbox (TJ): What's crazy is that they could just reshell that Heavy Metal Tetsujin into a Zanda Cross and it'd be phenomenal. May 7, 2019 21:04:34 GMT -5
mojacko: Probably the small fan base for Zanda that is limiting the idea? May 8, 2019 7:12:04 GMT -5 *
S_Gokin: @kumastyle a Heavy Metal Zanda Cross would be legendary, im a modest i will take any decent figure for that robot even if they did an EM gokin version May 8, 2019 8:13:46 GMT -5
S_Gokin: Bandai did one (Robot Spirits 093) but its more like child toy not an adult collector item, most companies did some small fan base robots and it turns out to be profitable i dont see why they dont try Zanda Cross an FA or EM Gokin would be nice May 8, 2019 8:23:50 GMT -5 *
mojacko: Yeah i saw the Robo Spirits version. Seems to be a pretty decent figure. Who know probably Bandai is on the works for this. Could be inluded in the FA Chogokin sereis. May 8, 2019 9:44:06 GMT -5 (TJ): Changing subject here; brought it up to admins but what do you guys think of Robot-Japan putting together its own resources? May 8, 2019 11:40:24 GMT -5
blitzkriegomega: resources? like making the forum a bit more Distinct? May 8, 2019 16:57:09 GMT -5 (TJ): Well... kind of like how TFW on top of being a forum has its own, distinct galleries and product information sections. May 8, 2019 19:43:06 GMT -5
mojacko: Yeah I think RJ should have its own mini galleries. Same as Macross World as well. May 9, 2019 7:36:10 GMT -5
S_Gokin: im sure i fully understand what you are talking about, do you mean to make RJ more private ? like visible for members only ? May 9, 2019 8:36:17 GMT -5
mojacko: More visible to people so when they google a certain robot the images they found will link to RJ forum May 9, 2019 8:38:02 GMT -5 (TJ): Has nothing to do with privacy. It's making a database of resources like pictures and information on these items that are specifically made for and easily accessible from this site. May 9, 2019 22:24:13 GMT -5
S_Gokin: yea why not, and btw my keyboard isnt working properly so if any one dont understand my sentences please ask me May 10, 2019 10:03:11 GMT -5
S_Gokin: Power Rangers Actor Pua Magasiva has passed away :( he was the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Storm May 11, 2019 13:04:33 GMT -5
mojacko: When all fails & stress at work....RJ is my refuge..... May 13, 2019 14:27:07 GMT -5
blitzkriegomega: one of these days, I REALLY aught to get a 3D Printer. as well as a 3D scanner I guess. May 14, 2019 17:12:46 GMT -5
mojacko: get one its really fun but for me its trial and error. May 14, 2019 17:18:29 GMT -5
blitzkriegomega: I'd imagine as such, but I just don't have the space for it, even if I did buy it. my house kinda has a "too many people" issue and it's causing an epidemic of STUFF to flood the floorspace. May 15, 2019 20:19:46 GMT -5
getterjehuty: Sup. Anyone selling MakeToys Thunder Manus or Galaxy Meteor? May 17, 2019 13:47:46 GMT -5
S_Gokin: regarding the figures, this year start kinda slow but im sure they will corner us in the last quarter with an expensive release after another, so far June and August will be brutal for me ;-| May 25, 2019 9:41:18 GMT -5