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S_Gokin: lets move along Mar 17, 2020 10:59:02 GMT -5
KumaStyle.com (TJ): S_Gokin; Move on from Optimus Prime? No. Getterjehutty... I agree... it's amazing... the exclusive axe is one of the most boss things I've ever seen. Mar 17, 2020 12:24:17 GMT -5 *
getterjehuty: I agree, KumaStyle. Question, which do you prefer, Star Saber or Prime (Flame Toys)? Mar 17, 2020 15:45:38 GMT -5
KumaStyle.com (TJ): That's a TOUGH question but I'm going to go with Star Saber... main reason is because it has the base and transtector combined modes that are significantly different aesthetically but both incredible looking. Mar 17, 2020 16:21:28 GMT -5
KumaStyle.com (TJ): If it only came with one mode or the other I'd give it to Optimus but it's a legit two on one handicap match with Star Saber and I love it. Mar 17, 2020 16:22:11 GMT -5
getterjehuty: That's a good choice, KumaStyle. I prefer Star Saber as well because it looks like a super robot. Just my opinion of course Mar 18, 2020 10:33:55 GMT -5
getterjehuty: Non mecha related but today Sony MAY reveal specs of the Playstation 5 Mar 18, 2020 10:34:16 GMT -5
S_Gokin: @kumastyle.com (TJ) dont do donuts, i didnt mention or care about FT OP i was talking about the the plastic figure, which is im done talking about Mar 18, 2020 11:57:09 GMT -5
S_Gokin: they didnt reveal any huge points i just watched it Mar 18, 2020 11:57:42 GMT -5 *
KumaStyle.com (TJ): S_Gokin you said "let's move on" when we (not you) were blatantly talking about Optimus. It seems like you can't even keep up with what you, yourself are posting let alone anyone else. Mar 18, 2020 13:29:58 GMT -5
KumaStyle.com (TJ): Ref ps5; I'm interested in the production schedule with everything going on more than anything atm. I think they'll be delayed until 2021. Mar 18, 2020 13:31:59 GMT -5
S_Gokin: @kumastyle.com i said lets move along from the talking about the plastic figure since im talking to true fan boys, i guess its you who is forgetting what he posted, i never find two people talking about a figure to jump in between and say let move along Mar 18, 2020 13:44:00 GMT -5
KumaStyle.com (TJ): I don't know what's hard to understand but if we were talking about something totally different at the time making the comment redundant, thus the response you got. Mar 18, 2020 14:05:16 GMT -5
KumaStyle.com (TJ): GH: "What do you think of FT Optimus?" Me: "I think it's _____." You: "Let's move on." - Made no sense. Hopefully that clears it up, and if not then "let's move on." Mar 18, 2020 14:07:43 GMT -5
getterjehuty: Be safe everyone. Mar 18, 2020 16:34:01 GMT -5
getterjehuty: I want to thank the Police, firemen, nurse, doctor, grocery retail workers, military, etc.. for handling this issue. GOD bless you all. Mar 18, 2020 16:35:31 GMT -5
getterjehuty: Happy blessed Friday, folks Mar 20, 2020 10:49:25 GMT -5
getterjehuty: S_Gokin, Dx SOC are awesome? I am gonna hunt for one Mar 27, 2020 15:39:50 GMT -5
S_Gokin: go for the one you love the most first, keep in mind if you go with Mazinger you need to get the Jet Scrander set, its also worth getting comes with cool stuff as well Mar 29, 2020 2:35:37 GMT -5
admin1 aka Ed: Likewise, stay safe all! Apr 6, 2020 8:14:31 GMT -5